Garzio Wood Burning Oven

Food just tastes better when it's cooked with wood!

The Garzio oven is a wood-burning oven made of stainless steel. Its unique design stands out from the rest, allowing you to adjust its air flow and heat. This allows control of the temperature inside the oven by simply adjusting the handle to change the amount of airflow throughout the oven. Unlike wood burning ovens where internal temperatures can go out of control and burn the food, The Garzio Oven allows you to stay at your preferred cooking temperature, giving you full control of the finished product.

The Garzio Oven allows you to cook not only pizza, but also steak, roasts, fish, chicken, wings, vegetables - pretty much anything that can be cooked in an oven!

Whether you are making a pizza or two for your family, or cooking all day for a big event, the Garzio Oven is up for the challenge.

The Name Behind the Oven

The Garzio Oven was designed and manufactured in-house at Hotfoil-EHS with the help of Pasqual from Brothers Pizza on Route 33 in Hamilton, NJ. The oven is named after a dear friend of ours, Frank Blaze Garzio. Frank made countless contributions to Hotfoil-EHS, playing a key role in our growth and success. We will always be incredibly grateful for all he has done. Unfortunately, Frank lost his battle with cancer on February 20th, 2014. Hotfoil-EHS would not be the company it is today if not for Frank, and that is why we honor him by naming this product the Garzio Oven.


Vendor Cart Setup

This oven and cart is set up for a vendor or restaurant owner. It allows you to be able to transport your wood burning oven to events or parties. Letting you take your business to the customer right in the comfort of their home or event space.

This cart is equipped with a storage compartment that has access doors on two sides. Allowing you to store utensils and other equipment, food, etc. The bottom shelf is fitted with expanded metal. This shelf is for your wood to sit on. The expanded metal allows air to get under the wood, which pulls the moisture out and will allow your wood to burn better. The left side of this cart also includes a flip up table to allow extra workspace when needed.

Backyard Setup

This oven and table set up is made for a backyard or stationary setting. Place the table and oven in a location that works best for you.

It includes one shelving unit for firewood to be placed on. The expanded metal shelf allows air to get under the wood, which pulls the moisture out and will allow your wood to burn better. This table also includes leveling feet to adjust to uneven surfaces for a proper and sturdy fit.