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Custom Manufacturer of Jail, Detention Center and Prison Doors

Hotfoil-EHS Fabrication is a custom manufacturer of jail, prison, and detention door products. Products include doors and frames for holding cells, jails, prisons, and detention centers. Markets served include state and federal correctional systems, as well as court holding facilities, and city, town and municipal jails.

Security doors can be customized to fit any door style, height and width. Materials include aluminum, stainless steel & mild steel. Hotfoil-EHS Fabrication is your single source for the fabrication and manufacture of prison and detention center door products.

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Custom Double Doors

Custom Single Doors

Lockable Maintenance Carts

Designed to keep the maintenance staff's tools secure while traveling through the facilities. They are fully enclosed and lockable. Shelves slide in both directions with ease for access to tools and accessories. They also allow for the placement of a ladder on the front of the cart.

Temporary Holding Cages

Custom Door Frames

Gun Range Trailer

The Gun Range Trailer trailer is designed for easy access and a comfortable working environment, making time at the range more efficient and keeping all the equipment and documents together in one place.

This 8.5’ x 24’ trailer was brought to Hotfoil-EHS by a Correctional Facility looking to make their days at the gun range more accessible and more efficient. The project started by removing the existing wood panels inside the trailer, insulating the walls, then re-installing the panels to reinforce the roof for an overhead air conditioning unit.

Hotfoil-EHS built a workstation in the front of the trailer with power outlets for laptops and other devices. Overhead storage and filing cabinets are installed to store documents and essential items. Under the table a baseboard heater is installed. The rework included hangers for vests and other equipment, and lockable benches that double as storage bins. These modifications are designed to provide maximum space and minimum obstruction. Hotfoil-EHS designed and manufactured a structural frame that supports the equipment weight and keeps everything to the sides maintaining a clear walkway.

Overhead lights and diamond plate flooring are included. All power is run by a generator that plugs into an outlet mounted outside the trailer. Two people can lift the generator from inside the trailer and place it on the frame-mounted to the trailer tongue.

Mop Sinks

Existing floor concrete sinks were cracking and posing a water hazard. Hotfoil-EHS designed and manufactured a stainless-steel encasement placed over the current concrete sink, creating a new base.

Wall Mounted Charging Stations

These wall-mounted charging stations hold a 6-outlet power strip. The slots in the front of the charging station allowed six cords through for items to be charged. The boxes are lockable, and the design prevents inmates from tampering with the power strip or cables.